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Disclosures and Transaction Coordination

There are over 15 disclosures and sales documents required in a typical house sale. Berg Properties offers transaction coordination services for $645. This service is optional but is strongly recommended as it facilitates a smoother process of communication between you, the buyer, the buyer’s agent, and escrow and title companies. The cost is paid out of escrow only if the property closes. WE DO NOT GET PAID IF THE PROPERTY DOES NOT CLOSE. So we could put in many hours of work after you accept an offer and if the property does not close we do not charge you for any costs incurred during the transaction.

The service includes:

  • Open escrow upon request, or coordinate the opening of escrow and obtain file number.
  • Request, receive and retain copies of all documents related to the transaction, included but not limited to: listing agreement, purchase agreement, respective addenda, escrow instructions, preliminary title, mandatory reports, inspections, verifications, executed disclosures and general communications.
  • Request, receive and obtain signatures from Buyer, Seller and Agents on all real estate disclosure
    documents and appropriate waivers.
  • Review purchase agreement, counter offers, and any other appropriate documents to ensure all are fully
    executed with proper dates, initials, signatures, and broker information is completed.
  • Keep track of deadlines per contract agreement.
  • Prepare a full disclosure package including all of the required broker forms and deliver directly to you
    and/or your seller via Email, Fax or Ziplogix e sign.
  • Provide completed seller disclosure package to buyer’s agent & escrow.
  • Send copies of termite and any other reports to buyer’s agent & escrow.
  • Upload all disclosures, documents, and reports into online transaction management service as they are
    received or fully executed throughout the transaction.
  • Contact and maintain communications with all parties to the transaction, including but not limited to: the
    Cooperating Agent, the Escrow holder, the Inspectors, the Buyer and/or the Seller.
  • Order the home warranty policy, mandatory reports and termite inspections, as appropriate.
  • Ensure disclosures are provided within contract timelines.
  • Ensure buyer is provided a copy of all reports and booklets that are provided and/or required.
  • Electronically archive the complete or cancelled transaction file
  • Deliver electronic copy to the Broker and duplicate files as ordered on receipt of payment of service fee
    and any other expenses incurred on behalf of the transaction.