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Payment Options

The most straight-forward method is to cut a physical check for the flat fee listing. Full service commission option will be paid out of escrow at close of sale:
Checks Made Payable To:
Opticast Media, Inc
and Mail Check To:
3380 Cimmarron Road #4
Cameron Park, CA

PayPal Option (Customer will have to upwardly adjust payment for finance charge):
Customer will have to process payment including finance charge totaling $306.18 per listing for $295 option. In PayPal make $306.18 payment to [email protected]. For the 3 month fee the payment should be $98.94 in PayPal and for the Premium fee payments and Discount Broker fees are customized and will be negotiated.

Cash App Option (no finance charge):
Customer will have to process payment per listing for $295 option. In CashApp make $295 payment to $Opticast or 530-558-5460. More on Cash App here.

Zelle (no finance charge):
In some situations, with participating Zelle bank accounts, payments can be made with no processing charges to Opticast’s Wells Fargo business account by referencing the associated email account [email protected] when making payment.

*Note we have looked into other options to keep costs low e.g. ApplePay, Venmo (Now Owned by PayPal), QuickPay but unfortunately those platforms are currently purposed for Personal not Business Accounts. We will continue to be on the lookout for cheaper payment options.